Web Experience
2003 - 2023

These are some of the industries and fields I have developed web projects for:


Projects in a wide variety of fields and thousands of hours of self-training and hard work, allowed me to go all the way from old-school web development to creating my own:

Website builder
Virtual academy
eCommerce solution
Data based web apps: inspections, evaluations, decision making, finance, education tools and more.
Limitless Possibilities
The best way to describe my professional services is: CREATIVE TROUBLESHOOTING.

Having strong foundations on data handling and analysis combined with successful experience in graphic design, data visualization, content management and communication in virtual enviroments, allows me to achieve high level and comprehensive solutions, not easily reachable from unidimensional perspectives.

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National University of Colombia
Throughout my studies, I aimed to acquire a broader understanding of the fields of applied economics, finance and business management, in the national and international contexts.

Most of the elective component of my curriculum focused on business management, finance, data management, and software tools.

Bogota, Colombia. 2011.
Digital Training
Web Design, Graphic Design, Python

Computers, networks and internet were not what they are nowadays, but I recognized the need to learn about them and took action to develope skills in key technologies at that time:

Flash Digital Animation
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw


Coding with Python
Tableau data visualization
Machine Learning
Python Libraries: NumPy, PySpark, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow
Data Processing and Modeling





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